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Alessandro G.

Chef at La Cantina Restaurant

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels?
Planetaria came into my life at the end of 2010.

What is the most stimulating aspect of your job?
The continuous search for local produce and the reinterpretation of traditional recipes, drawing on the secrets of the past. “Today, the tradition of yesterday”, precisely that!

Which dishes are most appreciated by your guests?
We are halfway between bergamo and milan - undoubtedly our casoncelli as per the bergamo tradition, and risotto alla milanese with ossobuco. Two dishes, to please the palates of the two provinces!!

Describe your cooking philosophy in 3 words.
Quality, typicality and of course... Taste!

Which ingredient are you most passionate about.
Saffron! A precious ingredient that makes a great difference in every dish.

What is the perfect pairing between a dish and a wine.
Braised cheek and valcalepio... And i am not alone in thinking so!

Which dish (or ingredient) best describes you.
Thyme: it adds colour and perfume with its simplicity.