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Slow Breakfast

Slow Breakfast: a breakfast that looks at the goodness, the territory and the environment

From the collaboration between Planetaria Hotels and Slow Food Italia a proposal that puts breakfast at the center of our meals.

Here is the decalogue of our SLOW breakfast:

1. Slow down, enjoy a good breakfast, with quality raw materials transformed by our chefs with care and professionalism
2. Give to yourself a journey to discover local raw materials, their producers and Slow Food presidia
3. Give a central position to the most important meal of the day
5. Think healthy, our breakfast is healthy and favors products grown in a natural way, little processed and refined, paying attention to their origin
6. The products used for breakfast respect the cycles of nature to guarantee the authentic flavors that distinguish them and their full nutritional power
7. The slow breakfast becomes again an important moment of socialization, with one's family, colleagues or simply the other guests of the hotel
8. It is ethical because the products are supplied by companies that work with respect for the environment and workers
9. Be amazed by the storytelling of the territory: the local companies, through their products, tell us a lot about the territory in which Villa Appiani lives
10. It is a widespread and spreadable food and wine culture when your stay will end and you will return home

But what does the Slow Breakfast of Villa Appiani offer? Here are some suggestions: fresh milk, white yogurt, jams, seasonal and cooked fruit, jam tart and paciarella cake; Rovetta red rostrato corn cakes (Slow Food Ark of Taste product), mixed crusty bread, bites of bread and grape bread; first salt, zipotta and provolone delle Madonie (Slow Food Presidium); eggs, cooked ham, Scottona cooked ham, crispy rolled bacon, local salami, sausages with Lucca red beans (Slow Food Presidium); orange and pomegranate juice, apple, pear and plum juice.

With Slow Breakfast, breakfast is a moment that deserves to be lived fully.