#StayPlasticLess | Best Western Villa Appiani, Planetaria Hotels - planetaria.photo 1


Every day tons of waste are dispersed into the environment, and huge amounts of plastic are poured into the oceans, contaminating the marine flora and fauna and bringing new species at risk of extinction.
On the occasion of "World Oceans Day", the 8th of June 2019, and for the rest of the summer, Best Western Hotels launches a new awareness campaign aimed at its Guests: during this period each reservation made through the Best Western channels will contribute to the purchase of 4 Seabins of LifeGate PlasticLess®; floating baskets for the collection of waste on the sea surface, capable of filtering up to 25.000L of water per hour and to capture around 1.5kg of debris per day, over 500kg of trash per year, including microfibers and microplastics.
Thanks to this campaign, booking at Villa Appiani will allow the installment and management of 4 seabins for 12 months. In this time we will have collected over 2 tons of plastic, which corresponds to 1 million caps or 150,000 bottles.
So what are you waiting for... stay plastic less!